Honky Tonk Network – The Dusti Roads Show Episode 4 – “The Heart Of The Matter”

Affinity Publishing Group, Inc. believes the heart of a great writer can be captured in the words and music of the songs.
Our Mission, is to provide the music industry with songs that will not only withstand the test of time, but songs which truly capture the essence of the writer’s heart, and touch the hearts of all who listen. Our songs have an unbelievable affinity and a natural liking that makes you want to play them over and over…
At Affinity Publishing Group, Inc., our success comes from our loyalty to the writers.
We show our faith in the writer by pairing the writer’s songs only with the artists who can vocally capture the essence of the writer’s heart.
We stand firm in our commitment to provide record companies with quality hit songs which will withstand the test of time.
Still in the dawn of the new millennium we can say with pride “Your next hit song will be found at…Affinity Publishing Group, Inc.!”

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